Twitch Stream Not Loading – How To Fix It

If you’re a gamer and Twitch is your preferred video streaming platform, this issue must have come up

Twitch is a video streaming service targeting video game players. It enables gamers to share and watch videos or public broadcasts of large gaming events. That’s why the problem of Twitch streaming, not loading, can be such a nuisance.

If you’re a gamer and Twitch is your preferred video streaming platform, this issue must have come up at least once. However, not all people know how to fix it. Worry not, sit back, relax and let us take you right through it. Before we get down to how to solve the issue, let us first see some of the possible causes.

Why is the Twitch stream not loading?

Twitch streams can refuse to load for a variety of reasons, some of which we explain below.

Firstly, it could be due to a slow internet connection. This is a no-brainer. A slow or non-existent internet connection will prevent your Twitch stream from loading. Also, a slow internet speed plan would prevent it from loading.

Secondly, it could be that your PC has been attacked by malicious software. This is the kind of software used by hackers to access your private information. Too many of these might cause the stream not to load.

Lastly, it could be because of the too many add-ons you have in your browser (especially chrome). The presence of third-party extensions might overwhelm the browser and cause the Twitch stream not to load.


Restart your PC

Here comes the most basic of troubleshooting actions. We always tend to restart the PC whenever we face any other problem; why not this one? Restart your PC and see if Twitch will start loading, if not, then proceed with the subsequent solutions.

Check your internet connection

It is common practice to check connectivity whenever a loading issue comes up. It should be the most basic of all steps. We have already mentioned that Twitch might be having loading issues due to poor internet connection. Check your internet connectivity and see if the speed matches your internet plan. You can find this out by checking for the speed test.

Clear browser cache data

Browsers collect lots of data aimed at helping you browse easily on the web. This might include site cookies, login passwords, and bookmarks. However, over time this data may overload the browser and cause Twitch to not load. Hence the reason why you have to clear the browsing data. You can do this by going to your browser and then clicking ‘Ctrl + H’ followed by ‘clear browser data.’

Check for Malware and remove them

Malware on your PC might cause the Twitch stream to not load. You, therefore, have to scan your PC for such software and get rid of them. To carry out a deep scan, search for Windows Defender and choose Virus and Threat protection. Then choose the scan option. On the scan option, select Windows Defender Offline scan and click scan now. If you have an antivirus installed, the better.

Get rid of or disable add-ons

Add-ons such as ad blockers can create issues that will lead to Twitch stream not loading. Moreover, most browsers nowadays come with everything one needs. Therefore, there’s no need for any other add-ons. Too many add-ons will just slow down or interfere with the Twitch Stream. Additionally, if you don’t want to disable add-ons, you can decide to access Twitch in incognito mode on your browser.



See now how easy it can be to solve your Twitch streaming issues? We hope one of the ways we have outlined here works for you. Twitch stream not loading needn’t be a nuisance to you.