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About Torchlight

In this ARPG you control a hero who explores a series of randomized dungeons, fightinghordes of enemies and collecting equipment, gold, and loot while doing so. The game also features a town , to which the hero can return to sell and buy gear and items and pick up quests. As you progress into the dungeon, you get to battle unique bosses that advance the main storyline by completing quests revolving around them. Optionally, the player may take on side quests, random quests or visit branching dungeon areas to further develop their character.

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  • Bird view / Isometric


  • bloody,medieval,magic,grinding,dungeon,hack and slash,fishing,proceduralgeneration,horse,frog,archery,pets,steampunk,skeleton,steam,micromanagement,achievements,undead,dungeon crawling,inventory,dog,billiards,giant insects,sword & sorcery,trolls,boss fight,spiritual successor,steam achievements,digital distribution,single-player only,steam cloud,spider,attributes,leveling up,cat,permanent death,bow and arrow,loot gathering,skeletons,rat,randomly generated dungeons,original soundtrack release,humble bundle,,retail games with steam activation,treasure chest,saving the world,real-time combat,in-game map editor,animal companions,difficulty level,spellcaster,wilhelm scream,steam play,rpg elements,catapult,punctuation mark above head,leaderboard,evolving title screen,xbox one backwards compatibility,gamersgate,shape-shifting,elementals,skill tree,mod support,regenerating health,poisoning,alchemist,fire manipulation,resized enemy,portal,dual wielding,mana potion,corruption,quest hub,avatar awards,game developers choice awards 2010,e3 2009,pax 2009
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