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About Tony Hawk's Underground 2

You've been chosen by Tony Hawk to compete against Bam Margera's team in the World Destruction Tour. In an all-new storyline, Tony Hawk's Underground 2 takes you to skateparks around the world, where you can spray your custom tag, slap stickers, and even create new skate lines. Now you can play as yourself, as your teammates, or as more than 20 special skaters. If you're feeling nostalgic for older Tony Hawk games, you can try Classic mode, which challenges you to accomplish your favorite goals, such as Secret Tape and High Score.

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Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Information


  • First Release Date : Oct, 04 2004
  • Followers :32
  • Total Reported Problems:0



Game Engines

    Player Perspective

    • Third person

    Alternative Names

    • THUG 2
    • Tony Hawk's Underground 2
    • THUG 2


    • skateboard,bloody,gravity,crossover,bullet time,online,custom soundtrack,easteregg,slow-motion,high score,instant replay,day/night cycle,skateboarding,cloud,split-screen multiplayer,celebrity tie-in,customizable characters,world map,voice acting,bink video,polygonal 3d,color customization,licensed soundtrack,eyetoy support,character creation,pick your gender,in-game map editor,internet culture reference,vending machine interaction,rock music,cheat code,face mapping,dolby digital,grind,sudden death,product placement,greatest hits,renderware,re-numbered franchise,cinematic jump,e3 2004,xbox 360 backwards compatibility,interactive achievement awards 2005
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