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About Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six makes its next-generation hardware debut in the most dramatic installment of the renowned first-person shooter franchise to date. Experience Las Vegas like never before – through revolutionary next-generation technology as you work against the clock to keep one of the world's most recognizable cities from utter devastation.
Rainbow operatives take to the chaotic streets of Las Vegas as an escalating terrorist siege in “Sin City” threatens to take world terrorism to new, uncontrollable heights. The future of global security hangs in the balance as you battle to defend classic Vegas locations and environments like Fremont Street, the Strip, and casinos.

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Player Perspective

  • First person

Alternative Names

  • R6V
  • R6V


  • modern warfare,helicopter,stealth,character customization,first personshooter,death,military,slot machine,tactical shooter,strategic,counter-terrorists,difficult,online co-op,steam,espionage,achievements,special forces,online,hostages,crime,easter egg,team-based,playstation network,no jumping,digital distribution,xbox 360 controller support for pc,throwing weapons,split-screen multiplayer,playstation trophies,modern military,voice acting,bink video,polygonal 3d,microtransaction,collectibles,motion blur,non-player character,ragdoll physics,character creation,downloadable content,xbox live,grapple,stat tracking,instant kill,betrayal,games with gold,difficulty level,multiple gameplay perspectives,political thriller,respawning,cover system,destructible environment,squad,terrorists,leaderboard,xbox one backwards compatibility,franchise reboot,difficulty achievement,tie-in,games on demand,realism,high definition graphics,squad tactics,face mapping,dolby digital,weapons swap,multiplayer lan,team deathmatch,guerilla warfare,horde mode,voice chat,collector's edition,squad based shooter,weapon modification,enemy tagging,regenerating health,griefing,camping,camera shift,guided by radio,in-game advertising,context sensitive,outside of the map,close quarters combat,cliffhanger,breaking through windows,product placement,ranked match,greatest hits,objective-based team gameplay,professional gaming,mp7,team killing,easy mode,anti-cheat system,sixaxis support,buddy system,psg1,xbox live vision,e3 2006,major league gaming,securom,interactive achievement awards 2007
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