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About TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2 is a first-person shooter that requires players to kill enemies and complete objectives using a variety of weapons and tactics in different predefined scenarios. Armour and health bars on the sides of the screen lower when the player is shot, which can be increased by walking over body armor and medical kits.
The game starts in the year 2401 when Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart are sent to a TimeSplitter infested space station where a time portal is being built. Their objective is to retrieve the Time Crystals. However, before they can reach them, the TimeSplitters take them into different time periods of the past. They must be followed and the time crystals retrieved.

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Game Engines

    Player Perspective

    • First person

    Alternative Names

    • TimeSplitter: Invaders of History
    • TS2


    • modern warfare,aliens,post-apocalyptic,blood,time travel,space station,health,egyptian,firstperson shooter,death,robots,mummy,multiple protagonists,time limit,undead,mutants,portals,artificial intelligence,capture the flag,vaporware,crime,snow,dark humor,teleportation,sequel,space marine,playstation network,no jumping,flamethrower,explosion,spiritual successor,deathmatch,alternate historical,ducks,monkeys,throwing weapons,health pack,split-screen multiplayer,challenges,modern military,60 fps on consoles,character select screen,polygonal 3d,damsel in distress,door,gun,launch titles,rocket launcher,loading screens,cutscene,first aid kit,cooperative play,save point,sniping,escort mission,checkpoints,double barreled shotgun,titular antagonist,auto-aim,melee,crosshair,first person melee,heads up display,a.i. companion,stat tracking,in-game map editor,instant kill,difficulty level,wilhelm scream,mayan,survival mode,twin stick control,video game characters that play video games,development hell,dynamite,nurse,dimension travel,weapons swap,multiplayer lan,horde mode,e3 2000,teenager,linear gameplay,regenerating health,griefing,compact disc,age progression,dual wielding,proximity mines,time paradox,chase,non-specific ammo,bots,headshot,run 'n gun,historical inaccuracy,infinite spawn,outside of the map,playable boss,fully customizable controls,suggestive remark,trilogy,mothership,bunny hopping,sneaking mission,rail shooting segment,big head mode,greatest hits,team killing,no scope,playstation underground
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