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About The Sims

The Sims is a life-building simulation with emphasis on intimate details of individual characters rather than expansion of an entire society or civilization. You are in control of nearly every aspect of the lives of the individuals who make up your chosen population in the neighborhood. Characters are developed from the ground up and you infuse and mold them with personalities, looks, desires, moods, urges, living arrangements, career and personal choices, life styles, and reactions.
Management in The Sims revolves around decision-making. From physical environmental layouts, to mental outlook, emotional makeup and skills of your Sims, you'll be immersed in their daily lives. Activities include buying and placing unique items for households and offices, selling and replacing worn out furnishings, and otherwise building and maintaining the world in which your Sims live. You'll guide your Sims in life-development phases and chemistry between your Sims is aproduct of your manipulations as well - all form the level and style of interaction through conversations with other Sims. The Sims has a range of ten career tracks for your breadwinners to follow and each career advancement requires specific skills for success. There are ten levels of positions within each of the ten career tracks - your Sims can work their way up in career fields. Your Sims can experience floods, fires, and robberies. Neglect, starvation, loss of energy, failure to perform basic bathroom visits - all can affect your Sims and even stop them in their tracks. Death is an option and entire families could be wiped out by complete neglect and starvation.
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  • Bird view / Isometric

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  • Les Sims
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