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About Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart is a racing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the first game of the Mario Kart series, as well as the game that sets precedents to the fictional kart racing genre. Part of this game is heavily based on Super Mario World in terms of graphics and overall theme. Using Mode 7 scaling, the first true kart game on the SNES has you collecting coins to boost your speed while using shells and bananas to stop others on the track.

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  • First Release Date : Aug, 27 1992
  • Followers :73
  • Total Reported Problems:0


Game Engines

    Player Perspective

    • Third person

    Alternative Names

    • SMK


    • vehicular combat,go-kart,party game,crossover,princess,artificialintelligence,drifting,spin-off,snow,grand prix,high score,turtle,vehicle combat,anthropomorphism,monkey,throwing weapons,split-screen multiplayer,party games,super-ness,character select screen,virtual console,mascot sports,multiple characters on box art,combat racing,difficulty level,speed boost,trophies,temporary invincibility,starting grid,meme origin,time trials,upgradeable vehicles,bots,arcade driving physics,ape,music speed up,greatest hits,nintendo switch online,wii virtual console,nintendo 3ds virtual console,wii u virtual console
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