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About Sleeping Dogs

Wei Shen, an young officer working for the San Francisco Police Department gets tasked to go back to his hometown of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong Wei is assigned to the Hong Kong Police Department, in a effort to take down the "Sun on Yee" Wei goes undercover in the triad to gather information and take them down, But the police soon become worried that he is getting attached to his "Friends" such as Jackie Ma. In this journey of Betrayal and High stakes, Will Wei become a "Red Pole" and join the high ranks of the Triads or be discovered by them and buried alive?

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Game Modes

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Player Perspective

  • Third person

Alternative Names

  • Black LotusTrue Crime: Hong KongSleeping Dogs: Hong Kong Himitsu Keisatsu
  • True Crime: Hong Kong
  • Black Lotus
  • True Crime: Hong Kong
  • Sleeping Dogs: Hong Kong Himitsu Keisatsu


  • assassin,martial arts,sandbox,drugs,organized crime,street racing,action-adventure,beatem up,open-world,steam trading cards,crime,revenge,sex,action game,bink video,polygonal 3d,wasd movement,multiple characters on box art,playstation plus,real-time combat,useable vehicles,games with gold,vending machine interaction,rpg elements,mercenary,mid-development ip split,banned,in-game radio,sleeping,onlive,gamescom 2012,banter during gameplay,interior decorating,bpjm indexed,crime fighting,counter system,freeform combat,tokyo game show 2012,sex work,persistent world,shooter game
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