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About Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the seventh installment in the Silent Hill survival horror series, and a stand-alone reimagining of the original Silent Hill video game. Once again, you will cast Harry Mason searching across the haunted town for his missing daughter Cheryl. Through his exploration, Harry will come across objects and recordings that tell some of the history of Silent Hill. New to the series are a depiction of Silent Hill's demonic alter-dimension as a world of ice, and the removal of weapons from the game: when the monsters come out, Harry must literally run for his life. Between scenes, the game will cut to a psychiatrist's office, who asks personal questions about Harry and his past experiences. The game will then alter itself based on the player's responses, changing characters and lines of dialog to something intended to be more personally uncomfortable.
The story follows Harry Mason, who wakes up after a car accident to find that his daughter Cheryl is missing. Harry will wander the snowy streets of Silent Hill searching for answers of her disappearance, but when the world freezes over, he will need to escape the lumbering demons that haunt his steps. Harry will need to navigate both worlds to discover the truth; not just about his missing daughter, but also the type of person he actually is.

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