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About Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Hoodlum Havoc is a 3-D platformer from Ubisoft starring limbless hero Rayman. A hilarious story takes a few twists as Rayman sets out to stop the evil black lum Andre and his army of hoodlums.
The game starts off with Andre, a black lum, flying around and turning red lums into black lums, and therefore creating his army of hoodlums. He then chases Murfy until they stumble upon Rayman and his friend Globox, peacefully resting under a tree. Attempting to hide Rayman up in the tree, Globox grabs the limbless hero's hands, and they naturally come right off. Globox then runs away, and Rayman goes and retrieves his hands. No Caption Provided Andre then proceeds to the heart of the world,and Rayman goes to stop him. He manages to head him off, but the lum flies straight into Globox's mouth and gets stuck in his stomach! The duo sets out for a doctor's office, where the expert can supposedly get Andre out. Unfortunately, the doctor's musical treatment fails to get the villain out, and he then refers them to another doctor. The second doctor refers them to yet another doctor, and finally the three doctors team up and get Andre out. Of course, they were unable to catch Andre before he flew away, and so he sets out to take over the world and destroy Rayman. Of course, Rayman sets out to stop him once and for all.
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  • First Release Date : Feb, 21 2003
  • Followers :35
  • Total Reported Problems:0


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