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Osu! (stylized as osu!) is a free-to-play rhythm game primarily developed, published, and created by Dean "peppy" Herbert. Inspired by iNiS' rhythm game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, it was written in C# on the .NET Framework, and was released for Microsoft Windows on 16 September 2007. The game has throughout the years been ported to macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. There are four official game modes: "osu!" (called "osu! standard"), "osu!taiko", "osu!catch", and "osu!mania". With the addition of osu! lazer, players can now add custom game modes to the osu! client. The original osu! standard mode remains the most popular to date and as of January 2023, the game has over 19.3 million monthly active users according to the game's global country leaderboards.

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