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About Guild Wars

In a world torn by conflict, where human kingdoms are all but destroyed and guilds sacrifice all for a chance to control the Hall of Heroes, a champion must rise from the ruins of a once-proud land to lead refugees from the ashes and fulfill an ancient prophecy. Will that hero be you?
Across Tyria, the human kingdoms are under attack by the vicious Charr. As a young hero caught between the powerful will of King Adelbern and the rebellious Prince Rurik, you are called upon to defend humanity. Will you become an instrument of the ancient prophecy or be crushed beneath it? Rally your strength and the power of your guild to establish your legend.

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Player Perspective

  • First person
  • Third person
  • Bird view / Isometric

Alternative Names

  • Guild Wars Prophecies
  • GW:P
  • GWP
  • Guild Wars Prophecies
  • GW


  • post-apocalyptic,medieval,magic,grinding,guild,summoningsupport,death,pets,christmas,action-adventure,steam,halloween,undead,online,snow,inventory,tank,teleportation,dwarves,sword & sorcery,warriors,clan,trolls,alternate historical,countdown timer,platform exclusive,customizable characters,leveling up,character select screen,human,polygonal 3d,color customization,skill points in game,bow and arrow,loot gathering,original soundtrack release,wasd movement,non-player character,minotaurs,character creation,saving the world,pick your gender,questing,player vs player,player vs environment,melee,first person melee,blindness,stat tracking,optional boss,commerce,healer,been here before,invisible wall,hotkey,merchants,weapons swap,fetch quests,collector's edition,regenerating health,griefing,camping,in-engine cinematic,weapon workshops,poisoning,fire manipulation,earth manipulation,elementalist,fast traveling,nameless protagonist,status effects,raiding,class change,rangers,damage over time,custom ui,e3 2005,e3 2004
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