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About Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

The PlayStation Portable follow-up to Rockstar's monumental handheld entry in the series, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. As in Liberty City Stories, this game ventures back to the location of the second PS2 game.
Vic Vance is a corporal in the U.S Army. He is a man who came from a poor family, with his brother suffering from fever and another lazy brother, and he is trying to make money for his dysfunctional family. He just arrived in Vice City in 1984 and he is now stationed at Fort Baxter. He arrives at the office of his supervisor, Sergeant Jerry Martinez, a corrupt officer of the Army who is a drug smuggler. He instructs Vic to manage a drug deal. Vic arrives on the buyer's yacht,but they are ambushed by unknown assailants who blow up the boat, leaving only Vic alive.
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Information


  • First Release Date : Oct, 31 2006
  • Followers :51
  • Total Reported Problems:0


Game Engines

Player Perspective

  • Third person

Alternative Names

  • GTA: VCS
  • GTA: Vice City Stories
  • VCS
  • Vice City Stories


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