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About Back to the Future: The Game

Back to the Future: The Game is one of Telltale Games' popular episodic games. It follows the story of the famous Marty McFly and Doc Brown as they stumble through another adventure in time. It is broken into 5 episodes, and incorporates Telltale's unique spin on point-and-click games.
Six months after the events of Back to the Future Part III, the DeLorean Time Machine mysteriously returns to Hill Valley—driverless! Now, Marty must go back to 1931 to recruit the help of a reluctant teenage Emmett Brown in order to save 1985’s Doc from certain death. Can they repair the rifts of the past without accidentally erasing the future?

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  • Third person


  • skateboard,blood,stealth,time travel,drugs,guitar,gambling,timemanipulation,puzzles,blackjack,steam,point and click,dialogue trees,dancing,time machine,inventory,torture,newspaper,easter egg,dog,love,singing,dreams,glitch,digital distribution,xbox 360 controller support for pc,licensed game,alternate historical,male protagonists,cup,episodic content,playstation trophies,voice acting,scatological humor,mind control,games based on movies,pop culture reference,door,gun,wasd movement,white noise,cardboard box,non-player character,,descendants of other characters,fake in-game advertising,tape recorder,sprinting,playstation plus,kiss,downloadable to retail,basketball hoop,crosshair,subtitles,auto-save,animal companions,self-referential humor,couch,movie reference,steam play,rock music,arcade cabinet,scientist,the 19th century,confirm menu choices,playstation now,been here before,to be continued,gamersgate,sleeping,trophy,clone,hallucination,tie-in,dystopian world,surveillance camera,plot twist,alternate reality,fan service,time paradox,character models based on actual people,propaganda,aquarium,escaping imprisonment,dream sequence,arrival by crash landing,the 1980s,indie royale,story recap,car chase,continuing the storyline,reciting movie lines,sneaking mission,megaphone,energy cell,e3 2011,pseudonym,pax prime 2010,propaganda speaker
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