Warranties are designed to protect customers from the faults a product they purchased may have. Even though the companies give their best to deliver outstanding products that will work without any issues, faults are unfortunately part of the game. However, the customer may get a free repair or a replacement with the warranty. Here, we will discuss the Nintendo Switch warranty and a few things you need to know.

Nintendo Switch warranty period

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch console, there is a limited warranty period of 12 months from the time of purchase.

Games and accessories (including the adapter, the dock, and the Joy-Con) also come with a limited warranty period of 3 months only from the moment of the purchase.

The receipt

For the Switch to be covered by the warranty, you must have the receipt you received when you purchased the console. If you do not have it, the console won’t be covered by the warranty even if the warranty period is still on. If you just purchased a Nintendo Switch, make sure to place the receipt in a secure location so that you can find it and use it at the time of need.

You will see the date of the purchase on the receipt and if the 12 months period hasn’t passed, the console is still covered. There is no way to check for this online, which is why you need to keep the receipt secure.

What’s covered and what isn’t

Not everything is covered by the warranty. Things that are covered are factory defects and faults that arose during the manufacturing process. If the damage, faults, and errors didn’t arise during manufacturing, the console won’t be covered by the warranty. Another thing to keep in mind is that Nintendo does not offer the option of an extended warranty.

For further information about the warranty, visit the Nintendo Customer Support page.


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Modified Sep, 12 2022
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