Splitgate is a popular Free-to-Play PvP Portal Shooter with more than a million registered users. The game often peaks at ~ 80,000 daily players and an average of 790,000 monthly active players. Due to this level of activity and users’ outage and server issues are not out of the question. Unforeseen Issues may arise and by such, affect the server, thus resulting in an outage. 

How do I check the Splitgate server status?

Splitgate is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, Linux, GeForce Now. Each platform shares a different server. If you are having issues on any of these platforms or facing "Server connection, glitching, Login or online game play" issues, please use the sources below to check  the status of the Splitgate server:

Each resource will provide sufficient updates and news regarding known issues or outages. The Gamebezz status page will report known bugs and user-reported issues alongside comments.

What to do if Splitgate servers are down?

If you are encountering technical problems with the Splitgate servers, you should first check for an update from the console you are on.

How to check for Splitgate updates on PS5

  • Navigate to Splitgate from the home screen > press the "Option" button on your controller > "Check for update."

How to check for Splitgate updates on Xbox

  • Navigate to the My Games and App  > Select Manage and then go to the Updates section.

How to check for Splitgate updates on Steam

  • Open your Steam Libray > Manage > Properties > Select the Updates tab.


You can also check for console updates by going to the Settings menu > System software updates. (Playstation)


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Modified Aug, 31 2022
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