How To Ban Someone On Twitch

As Twitch is a community with many members, sometimes users may fight on the chat, saying offensive words to

As Twitch is a community with many members, sometimes users may fight on the chat, saying offensive words to each other. To avoid this and have decent behavior during communication, Twitch inserted an option to ban channels and users who don’t follow simple rules and disrespect others. So, how do you ban someone from Twitch? Here is some information about that, so keep reading the article.


Commands on The Twitch

As Twitch is not just the place to stream videos, it is where many people can get in touch with others with the same interests. So, the chat on Twitch is a way to communicate; with the chat, many options are coming.

So, there are a lot of commands available to all of the users, such as mode options, changing the colors of the name you are using, ability to ignore someone that will allow you to be free of the messages coming from the people you are ignoring, also the possibility to turn off the ignore that was earlier turned on or coloring the text you are writing.

There are also some specific commands for moderators and broadcasters. The main option is the ban. As this is the topic of our article, we will now say some more things about it.

Ban from Your Channel

As a broadcaster, you naturally have a lot of work to do while streaming. Since a chat is available on your channel, you can make someone be a moderator in your chatroom. Make sure you have a person of trust set as a moderator so you don’t have to be interrupted while streaming.

As we have already said, you can ban someone permanently from your chatroom or temporarily. The temporary ban is a warning to the user, so he can chill and act more respectfully towards the other people in the chatroom when the timeout runs off.

A permanent ban will have the person removed from your chatroom once and for all and from the channel.

How to Use the Ban Command

To use a ban command, the chat moderator or broadcaster should type slash and then the word ban. After that, enter the name of the person you want to ban. You can also use the ban button instead of writing the command for banning into the text bar in the chatroom.

To temporarily ban someone, broadcasters or moderators should type in the slash and the word timeout. After that, enter the name of the user you want to ban for a specific time. Next to the name, enter the number of seconds that the user will be banned from. This means he cannot communicate in the chatroom for the time you have set while banning him.

This is all about the procedure of banning some users on Twitch. All of these commands can be reversed; you must type in the slash sign, then the unban word and user’s nickname. There is also a button to unban the user, so you don’t have to type in the commands in the text bar in the chat room.

List of Banned Users

To see the list of banned users, head to the Channel Settings. You will be able to see the list there, and next to the usernames on the list, you will notice the username of the moderator who banned specific users. If you want to unban someone, just click on the button with an unbanned word written.