Pokémon Go has become one of the most popular games for smartphone users. It doesn’t matter how childish the idea of catching Pokémon feels; no one wants to be left behind. Everyone is trying hard to achieve higher XPs and better scores to level up and become a stronger player.

However, our favorite game happens to drain our phone batteries very quickly, and it also consumes our data plan too easily. We may end up with a phone that powered off because the battery died before we could make it home for dinner. We will list some useful Pokémon Go tips so you can have greater experience and enjoy the game even more.

Top 15 Pokémon Go tips for better XP and greater experience

pokemon go tips

1. Curveballs Attract XPs

XPs are essential for your Trainer to level up. You can gain XP by spinning the Poke Ball in a circular motion. It will take some time to get used to it, but you will slowly get into the habit of it, and it will be easier for you to gain XP while catching Pokemon. Move your finger in a circular motion on your screen to spin the Poke Ball while in capture mode.

In the first few attempts, you may lose some Poke Balls, but you will soon learn how to spin them properly and earn XP.


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2. Piggy back Lures

Sometimes, we use incense or lures to attract Pokémon Go to a Pokéstop near us. While the incense allows the Pokemon to be seen only by the users who activate it, Lures allow all users in the area to see the Pokemon. So the next time you see a circle of confetti or something that looks like rustling leaves, you may want to hang around that area for a while, and you will notice an extra Pokemon show up without using one of your Lures or incense.



3. Use lower CP level Pokemon to beat other Pokemon in the gym and get higher Prestige

While using a higher CP level Pokemon to make sure that your gym gets stronger makes sense, at times, you may want to use a lower CP level Pokemon to take down the Pokemon in the gym. You may not be able to beat all of them, but even beating a few with a lower CP level Pokemon can gain you higher Prestige. Use this strategy to increase your Prestige.


4. Make Lucky Eggs Work For you

When you activate a Lucky Egg, the items you find at the Pokéstops will allow you to double your XP for the next 30 minutes. Try evolving as many Pokemon as possible once you activate a Lucky Egg. When you time the entire thing correctly, you will find that you can easily build up XPs, and you will find yourself leveling up quickly. It is one of the easiest ways to move to the next level, especially if your goal is to level up.



5. Use Offline Maps

The game uses a lot of data to load the maps from Google. Download the maps for areas you visit most often so that your device does not use too much data to draw the surroundings repeatedly.

  • To do this, open the Google Maps app on your device
  • Head into the Settings menu of the app
  • Now tap on Offline areas
  • Next, you must press the + icon, draw a square on the map in the area you would like to download and tap on Download.

Once these maps are downloaded to your device, you will not have to worry about losing too much data.


6. Transfer some to Professor Willow

When deciding which Pokemon to keep and which ones to Transfer to Professor Willow, you may want to consider a few things. You would undoubtedly want a duplicate Pokemon to be transferred to the Professor, but as for the others, when the decision is tough, you must consider checking the multiplier of the Pokemon for its evolution. You can do this by checking the details of the Pokemon in an Evolution Calculator. A good Evolution Calculator is available on www.pogotoolkit.com.



7. Utilize Incense When You Are on The Move

Incense is a better option than Lures if you are on the move. When you are not moving, fewer Pokemon are attracted by the incense. On the other hand, when you begin to move, the incense attracts at least 1 Pokemon every minute for every 200 meters you travel.

Because the incense will remain active for 30 minutes, moving around will help you get more, while staying stationary can attract just about 6 or 7 Pokemon in the 30 minutes.


8. Change the Timings of the Day

Playing Pokemon every day at the same time will lead to too many duplicates. This is usually because you are in the same area most of the time at that time of the day. Pokémon vary by location and time of the day when you look for them. The nocturnal Pokemon will not be available during the daytime, so if you want to go hunting for new Pokemon, you would want to change the timings of the day when you hunt them.


9. Play in Public Transport

You will not gain steps while on public transport, but you will come across many Pokéstops when you cover more distance. So if you are not in the driving seat, you should play Pokemon Go while traveling, and you will find it is the best way to forget about the traffic or the time it takes to travel from one point to another. You will have your bag filled with items very quickly, and using them effectively can help you gain precious XP.




10. Have you tried Zoom yet?

Zoom in and out to find more Pokémon in the area. You can hunt more wild Pokemon with the help of Zoom. If you recently passed a Pokemon while in a car or a train, then use Zoom to check for the Pokemon and capture it.


11. Hatching Eggs

The eggs hatch when you walk a certain distance. The app will not track the steps you take when it is sleeping. So you have to ensure that the app is open while walking around so that the egg can hatch. The app also knows when you are in a car, so that will not count. Another thing that seems to work is walking straight rather than zigzag across the town if you would like to hatch the eggs quickly. Walking straight helps the servers get the exact distance you walked, making the egg hatch quickly.



12. Let Stardust Work For You

When an egg hatches or a wild Pokemon is caught, you will get stardust. It can be a helpful feature to boost the CP of a Pokemon. Use it wisely so that you can make the most of it. It is best used for Pokemon with just a little bit left in their CP bar. This will help you level their CP up. It will ensure you do not waste the precious Stardust you just collected.


13. How’s Your Bag Looking?

Is your bag too full of items you do not need and does not have space for the Pokeballs you need? It is easy to use those Potions and Revives when you battle. If you do not want to delete these Revives and Potions, use battles to empty your bag. But if you can bring yourself to delete the items, then the very basic Potions and the Revives are the first things you must consider deleting.


14. Turn off AR

AR is great, but when you run out of battery, you may want to turn off AR once you spot a Pokemon. It will help you save battery and allow you to spend more time enjoying the game. Turning off the AR is also helpful when you would like to catch a wild Pokemon because it is more stable and easier to hit.


15. The weather can make a difference

If you notice changes in the weather, it may help attract new types of Pokemon depending on the weather you are experiencing in the area where you are playing Pokémon Go. Rain usually attracts water-type Pokemon, which may be hard to spot if you play in an area that does not have water bodies in the same region.


Use these tips to level up quickly and enjoy the game to make the most of it. New updates continue to make the game more difficult, but that is what makes the game exciting and fun to play.